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What Marketing Stuff Can You Still Work On in This COVID19 Era?

In the current COVID19 lockdown situation, there are two schools of thought, with one camp saying that the business bus has stopped, and therefore, anyone venturing into business must already be established or else, your small business might not make it at all. Then, there’s the other camp that sees the current situation as an opportunity for businesses to reassess, change for the better, and get back on track so you can thrive after this crisis has passed.

There are indications that going with the second camp is better, because businesses will always have to face risks, and avoiding just about any risk will only result in stagnation. But then again, we are not saying that you should just throw caution into the wind and take all the risks you can for your business. You still need to practice a lot of caution and consider doing safer and beneficial strategies for your business. Here are some digital marketing activities to implement when the business climate is this uncertain. We hope you do not only lessen your fear and panic but turn the situation into a strengthening era.

Conduct a website audit

The usual practice for most businesses is that once their websites reach a certain standard of high quality, they immediately think that it is okay to rest on their laurels and focus on other tasks. However, websites need regular updates and attention, from their content to the designs, so that they can perform at their best. If your website has been left unattended for a long time, potential customers will take note of this and will think that your business is not worth their time and money. Thus, you need to make sure that your website’s content, design, and user experience are all optimized. If you conduct regular website audits, you will see which areas need attention so you can have someone fix them.

If you’re experiencing some downtime in your regularly scheduled programming right now, this time during COVID-19 could potentially be your best opportunity to make a shift in your marketing, specifically, your website.
(Via: https://www.topfloortech.com/blog/during-covid-19-is-your-website-working-for-you)

Get those SMART goals

When trying to stay strong to survive a crisis, it is important for your business to have SMART goals. Without them, you’ll be at a loss on whether your efforts, projects, and programs were successes or failures. So, don’t forget while the business world is in a “downtime” to set specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic. Because of the uncertainty of our current situation, you may have difficulty in setting time-bound goals, so work on the SMAR elements first.

Some local retail stores and restaurants can open under the social distancing guidelines. But if you depend on the leisure or business travel industries, it may be a while. That “not knowing” makes it difficult for the “time-bound” part of SMART goal setting.
(Via: https://azsocialmediawiz.com/set-smart-goals-new-year/)

Make your business offerings suit the circumstances

These days, consumers have started to get irritated with businesses advertising goods and services that are obviously still unattainable because of the crisis. Thus, don’t push products or services relating to leisure, travel, and things that are quite impossible to do. Look into opportunities to market when your product or service is essential or at the very least, usable to your audience.

It is no longer “business as usual” and many businesses have had to change their strategies from profitable to operable and come up with innovative services in line with new restrictions and emerging demands.
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Do you need more guidance on keeping your business alive in these troubling times? We can help.

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