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Local Digital Marketing: Not Dead; On the Contrary, All the More Important

Have you executed local digital marketing strategies? If you have, then you are most probably a local business that adheres to its commonly accepted definition – a mom and pop stores “serving the local communities. But actually, it should be noted that local businesses can also exist on a national scale, as big brands like Home Depot or Anytime Fitness actually exist in specific communities. Thus, they would benefit from local digital marketing done right.

But it seems that local digital marketing has earned a bit of an unexciting reputation even from those who practice it regularly. All businesses, even small ones, feel the need to execute digital marketing strategies on a national scale, deeming local efforts to be limiting. They usually think that going nationwide with digital marketing will promise more growth for their business. But this could not be falser because a number of businesses, particularly those that provide service, would benefit more with locally-targeted marketing. Why spend more on marketing to an audience hundreds of miles away when your HVAC business caters to the needs of residents and local businesses? That is going to be a lot of wasted money!

Here is a reminder of why local digital marketing is something that makes a lot of sense and your business still needs to do well:

The importance of local

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has done a number on all kinds of businesses, from national to multi-location and local businesses, has only made local marketing competence all the more important, and in fact a critical component of marketing efforts. Why? It is for the obvious reason that customers are not keen on getting products and services that would require them to go out of their houses. Why risk going outdoors and getting sick when you can have everything you want to be delivered to you or just a stone’s throw away from your house? Moreover, the recent events have signaled a shift in consumer behavior, with most preferring local businesses. Therefore, efforts in marketing to the community has become more important now, more than ever.

Not surprisingly, the study found that companies adept at delivering fast and ongoing communication about operations specific to each of their locations are better positioned to flex in today’s new and shifting landscape. They’re also more likely to develop trusted local customer relationships, which are vital not only for driving local engagement, traffic and sales, but also for shaping the national brand and informing product and service design for emerging customer needs.

(Via: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200812005423/en/Study-Shows-Consolidating-Technology-Platforms-Increases-Localized)

What’s the benefit of digital marketing to local?

Another behavior common among local businesses is that their ways of doing business have gotten stuck in the mom and pop / friendly neighborhood store kind, that they think that taking their business online and establishing relationships with their online followers is an altogether alien concept. With customers prefer to transact everything online nowadays, local business owners also need to shift to that mentality, including revving up their marketing efforts on the digital realm because that’s where the customers are.

According to a recent eMarketer survey, ecommerce is expected to see 18 percent growth in 2020. New consumers joining the online shopping craze and a surge in click-and-collect delivery options, such as curbside, are responsible for the rise.

(Via: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/354376)

Where can my meager budget take me?

Of course, one of the most popular reasons for local businesses to shy away from local digital marketing is the uncertainty of the return of their investment. These businesses are already doubting how far their limited budgets will go in the context of producing tangible positive results.

The beauty of digital marketing is that a lot of the tactics that can bring long-term beneficial results for your brand don’t even require a huge amount of spending on advertisements and a big budget. They just need the right team dedicated to producing valuable content and marketing plans.

(Via: https://devrix.com/tutorial/reduce-digital-marketing-costs-maximize-results/)

Are you doing your local digital marketing right? We will show you how it’s done!

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