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Stay Active With HVAC Digital Marketing This COVID19 Season

The business climate may be dire and will continue to be seemingly hopeless in the near future. With people advised to stay home and most brick and mortar businesses forced to close, the only wise and safe move for companies to do right now is exercise a lot of patience and wait for the situation to improve before emerging out of your safety zone and getting active in business again. But is this really the best way to go – to do nothing and wait it out?

There are some things in your HVAC digital marketing checklist that you may want to act on precisely because we’re in a crisis situation. Act on them now and take advantage of the opportunities that may emerge.

Do a redesign of your website

If you have performed a website audit and discovered that an audit can only do so much and that there are just too many issues concerning your business website, then it may be the best time to redesign a website. If you are thinking that a redesign would mean tweak the aesthetic elements of your website, including the fonts, the background colors, and the graphics, you are only scratching the surface.

A website redesign goes beyond the look of the website. You will need to consider the effectiveness of its various elements such as the landing pages, call-to-action, the voice, and the presence of too much text, among others. You would need to do a website redesign if the information on your site is not as current or relevant to your audience. The links should still be functional and your site as a whole needs to be easily navigable. Additionally, a solid SEO focused web design firm is going to be able to create a well siloed site, which will ensure a structure that is not only friendly to customers, but to search engines. As much as you always update your social media channels to make sure that they stay current, your website also needs this treatment.

A redesign usually implies that the code and visual appearance of a website change significantly. For example, a new visual identity and branding are rolled out, pages are restructured UX-wise to incorporate new modules and functionality, the information architecture gets updated, a new CMS is introduced—and this all goes live around the same time.
(Via: https://www.hotjar.com/website-redesign/)

Go back to content marketing

In these uncertain times, everyone is worrying, especially your customers. If you don’t communicate with them effectively now, chances are they won’t really remember you when the situation improves. Take the opportunity to assure your customers they’re not alone in struggling through the pandemic, and that your business is there to possibly delight them. Be understanding, empathetic, and don’t fall into the temptation of overly pushing your products and services to them. Making overt marketing and sales effort during this crisis will only leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouths. You definitely would not want to be seen as an immoral or opportunistic company.

If you’re focusing your content marketing strategy on the topics and the different content formats you plan to create, you’re missing a trick. Instead, you should be focusing on the people you’re trying to reach through content marketing.
(Via: https://www.marketinginsidergroup.com/content-marketing/put-the-focus-on-people-to-transform-content-marketing/)

Get your social media strategy in order

There has never been a more obvious time for social media to assert its usefulness among businesses than in times of crisis, as we have been experiencing nowadays. Your social media assets are the most convenient platforms for you to provide your customers with updates and not lose touch with them. Thus, always be prepared with a strategy on how to use your social networking tools to keep your business afloat. Plan the consistency of your messaging, the scheduling of your posts, and how your business should react to changes in the situations such as the lifting of lockdowns, the rise in sick people, or the discovery of a cure or vaccine.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that social networking platforms have reported an all-time high in usage, some features such as the live video options are the closest thing we have to face to face conversations right now.
(Via: https://www.finnpartners.com/perspectives/blog/how-to-adapt-social-media-strategy-for-the-covid-19-crisis.html)

If you still want more ideas on what your digital marketing efforts can accomplish during this time, All Systems Go Marketing has your back.

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