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Who’s Your Audience?

So, you have your social media platforms ready and running. You have a Facebook account, an Instagram account, a LinkedIn page, a Twitter account, and you post regularly. It may feel to you like your digital marketing efforts on social media are in full swing and congratulations on that. But then, why aren’t you getting traffic? Why is no one reacting to your posts? Do you even know who you are talking to on social media? While having these accounts up and running is half the battle won, not knowing who your audience is will only give you a huge headache.

Your social media target audience is the group that you want to engage with and appeal to in this wide world of social media. By now, you should already realize that you cannot talk, engage, and appeal to everyone on social media. One, the platforms themselves will not allow you to unless you pay them. Organic posting will expose you to a limited audience, and to reach a wide one, you would need to pay. Two, just like the physical market, different people have different needs. For example, why would you want to make your steakhouse business appealing to vegetarian Facebook groups?

Thus, it is important to find that target audience that will “speak your language” and will interact with your business sensibly. So, how will you get the groups who you want your marketing efforts to appeal to?

Do you know your buyer persona?
You first would need to determine your demographic – who your customers as of the moment are. Where are they? Are they working already? What is their age range? How much do they earn? Look at the analytics of your social media and other (e.g., email) campaigns. If you don’t have social media accounts yet, you may do man-on-the-street random surveys to see which people are interested in your offerings. Knowing your buyer personas would allow you to think of what their challenges are and which among your products or services will help them the most.

Marketing personas are like the foundation for building your marketing house.
Without personas, how do you know which message will appeal to your target market’s needs?

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Where is your audience most active?
Not all social media platforms are equal, at least in terms of their appeal to different people. Adult users in their 50s up or the baby boomers prefer Facebook and LinkedIn more than other platforms. Twitter appeals to Gen Xers and millennials, while Instagram and other more current platforms like TikTok are where Gen Zs are most comfortable with. So, if your services are most useful to the older set, why invest so much on platforms that cater to people still worrying about where they will go to college?

By identifying where your audience hangs out online and narrowing that audience down into unique groups, you can provide the most relevant content possible and connect with the people who want to know what you have to offer.

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Peek into the competition
It doesn’t hurt to see how your competition markets themselves on social media. Have a look at who their top followers are what hashtags they use, how active they are in answering comments and queries. Facebook allows you on your page’s dashboard to check how your competitor’s pages are faring in terms of the number of followers and engagement rate. Don’t think that this is sort of an espionage move – you’re not trying to destroy them, you’re only trying to see and possibly be inspired by best practices.

The best thing about marketing to your competitors’ customers is that you already know a lot about them. They share key characteristics with your current customers, so they’re likely to be responsive to many of the same messages.
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