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Digital Marketing Need Not Be a Bank-Breaking Venture

You are a small business and are hesitant to implement digital marketing campaigns. Chances are, this hesitation is brought about by the price tag that comes along with having to roll out anything on a digital marketing platform. And with reduced revenue brought about by the pandemic, you may think that you just don’t have the financial resources to fund your digital marketing efforts all the way to success. Moreover, when we see a number of digital marketing efforts that were fleshed successfully, we can see the large amount of money that was poured into them, something you as a small business owner with limited resources may never pull off until the time your business accomplishes a breakthrough.

But as proven by a number of businesses as well, there are activities related to digital marketing that do not require business owners to cough up millions. These strategies are not even that sketchy or blatantly rolled out on a shoestring budget. They are actually effective activities that just happen to not cost a lot at all. Now that I have your attention, let us go through some of these strategies as it is sure that there are some things you can surely implement:

Link building

Link building is a technique that does not require a lot of cash if any at all. Moreover, you get to establish good relationships with other websites and blogs that have higher domain authority as you also build yours and, in the process, greatly and positively affect your SERP (search engine results page) ranking. Writing guest posts, rebuilding broken links, and social media links are good methods of link building, not to mention this content curation article.

Link building isn’t easy. It’s freakin’ hard. Which is why most people struggle to build needle-moving links to their site, regardless of the tactic they use.

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Influencers are waiting

Getting influencers on board your digital marketing campaign may not necessarily be expensive as commonly perceived. Not a lot of influencers would demand cash for you to have relationships with them, so exerting effort in building bonds may not be useless at all. Get to see who’s up and coming in your niche and reach out to them and explain what value you can provide them.

In the current scenario, it’s peer-created content or consumer-to-consumer marketing that drives trust. Influencer marketing is growing quickly and is proving to be one of the best ways to get better results from your social media marketing campaigns. Influencers can create wonders for your brand by lending their authentic voice to your marketing message and attract customers.

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 Your email list, fortified

Growing and improving your email list may require a lot of effort but will not burn a hole in your pocket. The initial tweaks you need to implement include making your subscription process more convenient and a more inviting opt-in form. Make sure you offer something valuable to users that will entice them to be included in your email list. Also, your landing page should be singularly focused on just getting email addresses and not confuse visitors with too much text and other distracting content. Of course, you also have the option of buying an email list, but we won’t get into that because we’re trying to save money, remember?

One of the most important aspects of your new email marketing effort, though, will be how you obtain your list of email addresses. Whether you use a list broker service to have your audience generated for you or rely on your brand’s popularity to create your own list, it’s important to know the pros and cons of both.

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