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A Contractor’s Nightmare: The HomeAdvisor Bait & Switch

“Man, THOSE WERE SOME GREAT LEADS I tell you! We did well. And then suddenly, everything went to hell.”
We hear it all the time. The subject is one almost every contractor, no matter the industry, understands.

Everyone has a short term success story with the ol’ Advisor. But why are “long term successes” so impossible to find with this company?
I discuss it in this video. Check it out!

Now, certainly not everybody is going to have issues with HomeAdvisor. There are certainly some areas in which an HVAC owner, provided he or she has an excellent sales person on hire, can make a good return.
But a key point is that the return is miles and miles away from working with a Digital Marketer and obtaining exclusive leads.
There are a ton of reasons why buying leads from Angies List, HomeAdvisor and ThumbTack is an awful idea, but certainly one of the worst is the fact that these leads are non-exclusive.

That means each lead must not only be paid a high price for, but also that each lead will contain automatic competition, sometimes along the lines of 4-5 competitors, but in more competitive markets, that can go up to 9-10 and even more.
It’s a sad state of affairs, and it does train HVAC owners to think that “all leads are garbage”, or that “digital marketing is a scam”, when in reality it has nothing to do with honest to goodness professional marketers and has everything to do with a company that is currently facing a brutal class action lawsuit from its customers.

In the end, gaining consistency in an HVAC business is exactly what this is about. Without a consistent appointment flow, company owners can become stuck, unable to plan for the next quarter, and doing unfortunate things like laying off employees.
That kind of consistency is ONLY available with Active marketing.

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