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No Slacking Off With Your Online Marketing Efforts

You may think that because the economy is in a downturn and everyone is on lockdown, that your digital marketing efforts should also be put on hold for a while until the adverse effects of the COVID19 pandemic subside. But if you are enterprising and smart enough to read through the situation, you know that there’s never been a better time to level up on some efforts for your business, particularly on the online marketing front. Everybody’s home, not a lot of social interaction is done, so most people just spend their days chilling and going online to chill. Why don’t you take this opportunity to strengthen your digital marketing strategies then? Here are three things you can definitely do:

Ascertain your target audience

Do you already have a target audience? Does your target audience even know your business exists in the first place? With less business activity these days, your target audience (who may turn out to be your potential customers) need to know that you exist, where to find you, and how to get your products or services. This actually also goes to businesses experiencing a boom now (for example, anything that can be purchased online), where you can take this sudden boom in your business to ride the wave and stretch your success. To do that, you need to know which market segments are causing your prosperity. Simply put, you need people to be aware (more aware, if they are not already) of your business. An ad campaign, even with a tiny budget, on social media, where everyone is now, should work. Update your blogs, social media posts, and email campaigns for more people to notice your business.

While everyone is experiencing social distancing, people are looking for ways to connect and communicate with others through digital channels.
(Via: https://qualifio.com/blog/en/10-ideas-engage-community-coronavirus-crisis/)

Convert your potentials to sure buys

If your business is currently slow, then take this lull in your time to maximize your conversions from marketing efforts you may have rolled out in the past. Look at the user journey of the audience of your campaigns. Where did the recipients of your last email campaign stop clicking? Where were the most number of fallouts in your last UTM campaign? Why do you think this is where they stopped? Where did you lose your chances of converting these audience members into buying customers? Your checkout process might be too slow, your call-to-action buttons in your emails may not have been too compelling, or your landing pages may have made them lose interest. Find out where these leaks are and think of ways to cover these leaks and lead your potential customers to a sure conversion.

You can still get your message out, but you have to acknowledge the situation. Be prepared to shift your marketing strategy at these times. Don’t hard sell your products or services. If you focus solely on profits, a backfire may be dramatic.
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Test, test, and test

Not only is testing beneficial to the whole world in determining who among us has the COVID19 virus; it is also something that is very helpful in your online marketing efforts. As mentioned earlier, you may be losing conversions because your call-to-action buttons don’t inspire much action. So, why not experiment on different call-to-action statements to be sent out to different people and see which among the statements gets more responses? Aside from call-to-actions, you may also do split tests on email subject lines, headlines, copy, images, and even colors. You may do tests of your websites, email campaigns, and even social media posts.

Those who went quiet and were going through the crisis communications playbook when it came to content on social channels.
And, those who decided to switch it up, adapt to the new circumstances, and take some calculated risks.
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For more advice on letting your business thrive even during these uncertain times, we have more information for you.

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