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It’s The Quality Of The Content That Counts

The Internet is littered with various type of contents that sifting through its long list of website and posts may look like an impossible task to the untrained eye. Fortunately, search engines, especially Google, have developed a method in classifying and ranking these contents, so that web users can find related posts to the keywords they have typed in the search box.

For your business to stand out amidst the competition, it has to have that wow factor and meet specific requirements in order to rank first. You can’t just expect to rank high in search engines if your content sounds rubbish and lacks substance. While you are not expected to write poetic and classic pieces like literary masters do, the content you post should be at least creative and engaging enough aside from containing relevant and useful information in your field.

No matter what kind of marketer you are, content matters.

The reasons for this are manifold. Yes, there’s content marketing, which has long been called the “new black” in the marketing arsenal. Content marketing has risen to prominence for a slew of very, very good reasons. It’s customer-centric, rather than sell-centric. It’s about you rather than me, and it’s the marketing of attraction rather than interruption.

Content has also become popular due to the democratization of media. Everyone can do it (though doing it well is another story entirely). Blog? Podcast? Video? All you have to do is own a phone.

Media channels are flooded with content, especially social media. Can you imagine what these platforms would be like without any content in it? And when browsing through your newsfeed, the thing you least like is reading about fakes news or lousy content that shouts spam. You don’t want to waste your time on these clickbait contents. Modern consumers want to read about something informational, where they end up one information smarter than they did before opening that link.

Content isn’t just for marketers. Content originates across the organization, primarily in public-facing functions such as sales, HR, customer service, product development and in the executive suite.

The culture of content is arising not just because brands are publishers, but because employees are publishers, too. Some will shrug this off this as noise rather than signal, but the proliferation of channels, platforms and devices is further enabling employees to speak on behalf of the brand.

Add to that requests from teams in social media, sales, thought leadership, real-time marketing, recruitment and customer service, and the demand has never been higher for continual content creation, refinement, repurposing and reformatting.

Content can help elevate numerous functions, from social selling to diverting calls from a call center to most cost-efficient digital channels. Smart organizations evangelize this message for cost savings, employee empowerment, thought leadership and other benefits.

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The contents your brand post speak a lot about your company and people will base their opinions depending on the message you communicate to them.

Online contents also reach a global audience. Your content should be friendly enough that people of all walks of life and nationalities can relate to or at least target a specific industry or niche and try to build your expertise so people listen (or read, in this case) everything you talk about something in that field.

Brands are no longer merely peddling products, Ané Honiball reckons. They’re producing, unearthing and distributing information.

Do you remember the big hoo-ha years ago about subtle product placement in movies or on TV? Well, the big shift from traditional to native content is no surprise, really, given the fact that gripping content is hugely effective in adding value to the user experience.

We’re seeing everyday how cleverly designed content marketing strategies morph into powerful relationship building and brand positioning tools. It’s a great way to take businesses – both large and small – to the next level. Brands are no longer merely peddling products; they’re producing, unearthing, and distributing information.

(Via: http://themediaonline.co.za/2017/06/is-content-marketing-the-new-black-with-brands-becoming-content-publishers/)

It’s all about the user experience now. Consumers don’t just buy things or avail of services because that’s what they see on ads but more so because they benefit from these brands. Consumers support a brand they believe in, and they can only learn more through quality content a brand posts about their products and the mission and vision of the company.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone actually. Aside from ranking high on search engines and be seen by your consumer-base, engaging and quality content helps you streamline your traffic so you target the right people with your posts and most likely make a sale after or change their perception about your brand for the better. If you think about it, there is so much more to quality content especially that so much in the world has gone digital. People check the web first for many of their needs, which is why taking the time in crafting contents that stand out from the rest and really speak about your brand is a great investment over time.

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