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Get Your Headline Length In Order

In marketing, an often-overlooked part of any content is the headline. Actually, it is definitely not overlooked by readers and consumers, as the headline is what is usually regarded as content prime real estate. Even in traditional content formats like in newspapers and magazines, the first thing that catches the attention of the reader is the headline, because they are on top and their fonts are usually set differently. Rather, headlines are often overlooked by the people who make them – writers and content marketers to be exact. That’s because when these experts create content, they usually start off with a topic, making the headline among the last, if not the absolute last item they work on. Thus, the “art” of creating effective headlines is often lost and ignored, which is unfortunate because as mentioned earlier, headlines are quite important.

While we are in the subject of headlines, one of their most important components is their length. The number of characters in a newspaper or tabloid headline used to be counted so that they would properly fit in the space allotted. Headlines with too many characters will require the typeset or fonts to be smaller, which in turn will sacrifice its readability and efficacy. This goes the same for modern content platforms. An addition of a character or two will affect how effective a headline is. Headline length also differs according to platforms. Take note of how character-heavy headlines should be depending on where they will be published.

Get your SEO-friendly headline  

When it comes to search engines, the first element that is usually being considered is the use of keywords. Of course, we do not recommend stuffing your headline with it, because using this keyword in your title is of the utmost importance. A lot of websites or content platforms may use SEO plugins that make sure that the title and meta content being displayed in a search engine is optimized. But if your platform doesn’t have a plugin and the headline appears as it is on the search engine results page (SERP), then you would need to know the most effective number of characters that should be included in the headline that search engines favor.

These limits have changed over time, and are likely to keep on changing as the search engines store more pages and optimize retrieval speeds. It’s worth noting that the data volumes to store page titles are not trivial.

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Get your emails opened and read through

With emails, the headlines are only superseded in importance by subject lines. Some think it is wise to just have the same subject line and headline, while others think that they should not be the same but working them in such a way that the message is cohesive is important.  But then, the important thing is for both your subject line and headline to make readers want to read through the rest of your email and not click on that delete or the send to trash link. Ultimately, the effectivity of these lines depends on your email’s open and click-through rates.

A shorter subject line is a safer bet if you’re catering to a mostly mobile audience. Start crafting email titles with a length of 28 to 39 characters. The narrower ranger may result in improved open rates.

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For all other content…

For titles and headlines of other content such as blogs, the best titles would usually be short and sweet, ultimately depending on what type of content it is. LinkedIn post headlines are usually pegged at 40 to 49 characters, while blog post titles are recommended when at a maximum of 12 words, although 5 to 6 is best.

Every great blog post starts with a headline that grabs the reader’s attention, and compels them to click and keep reading to learn more.

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