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Explore More Platforms for Your Content

Content marketing has been found out to be a very crucial and effective strategy in making it big in ecommerce these days. But then, because if effectiveness has been proven, a lot of businesses have used the tactic and squeezing the usual social media platforms to the hilt. As a result, it has become a challenge to stand out when it comes to content marketing in social media. Aside from that, reports have also revealed that there has been a steady decline in content social sharing since its heyday back in 2015.

So, beyond the usual social media platforms like Facebook and your blog, you may need to employ more creativity and explore other platforms that you can also utilize. Who knows, these underutilized channels can be your springboard towards content marketing success.

Targeted Email Marketing

These days, email marketing has become a bit underused, having experienced high in popularity in the mid-2000s. With increased security concerns over phishing email scams, it’s not a wonder why consumers have shied away from emails. But then, you can jump on this opportunity to send personalized and targeted content to their inboxes and possibly delight your recipients. Emails, after all, can be used to promote or continuously communicate with prospective customers. Carefully managing your email list, making sure it is updated, can help you focus on reaching out to the right people.

In simple words, it is the practice of creating and sending out highly customized/personalized emails to a specific segment of your email list. This is done with the aim of getting the most wanted response from your subscribers. When a small business leverages targeted email marketing the right way, it increases the chances of generating leads and sales via email.

(Via: https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/targeted-email-marketing/)



If you are not active on LinkedIn, you are missing out on a golden opportunity, especially if you have businesses as your target market. Competition across most social channels has become so cutthroat and loud, so LinkedIn gives your brand a platform to market without too much fanfare and, with the right tactics, more effectiveness.

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is a powerful social media marketing tool that should be a significant part of any B2B marketing strategy.

(Via: https://medium.com/@digitalfreakau/how-to-use-linkedin-for-business-marketing-741ea0159d14)


Annual Reports

Another effective method to market your content to other businesses would be annual reports. The official nature of these reports gives a lot of credibility to your company, not to mention prospective business clients can really dive deep into your business. What’s more, annual reports need not be text-heavy. They can also come in video or online presentation formats. Get creative and explore your options on how to present this information in a palatable way to your target market.

Many businesses don’t recognise the hidden value this annual communication holds. Given that the piece is shared with a wide base it is a unique opportunity to stand out from amongst the crowd, highlight your competitive advantages and achievements, and at the same time, impress and engage with stakeholders and shareholders. Finally, when done right, you can communicate bite-sized pieces of good news, future goals and performance stats that readers will remember and can spread wider via word of mouth.

(Via: https://mih.com.au/your-annual-report-is-an-important-marketing-tool-make-the-most-of-it/)


Educational Content

Although there has been a noticeable drop in social sharing, educational content continues to rule. If you have educational content, there may be opportunities for this to be syndicated, and that can open more doors for your brand to be recognized.

Educational content that is unconditionally proffered by a company is a low-cost means to enable brand exposure and foster engagement with the general public, prospects, competitors, and existing clients or customers.

(Via: https://everyonesocial.com/blog/educational-content/)


Earned Media

Most marketing efforts these days are so focused on social media and SEO that sometimes, tried and tested tactics such as public relations and earned media are already forgotten. Having your business published in industry publications and having a PR agency use all its channels (including social media) can get your business more credible exposure.

Clearly, if consumers are deploying effective algorithms to block unsolicited advertisements and content, this is indicative of a shift towards relevant and compelling content. It further illustrates a clear level of socio-cultural resistance to the ubiquity of irrelevant, often invasive content being propagated. Audiences today judge a brand’s or a product’s worth on a variety of factors and not just merely based on advertisements that emulate its merits.

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