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Is Google Deindexing Websites En Masse? You Betcha!

One of the primary focuses of All Systems Go Marketing when it comes to optimization and marketing is safety. While we will note that so called “white hat” techniques are often ridiculous “wish upon a star”-style strategies for obtaining traffic, we never, and I mean, never, go the Black Hat way. The reason for this? We don’t like to lose. And Black Hat techniques are mainly churn and burn (Google even recently designed an algorithm specifically for these types, known as the “Payday Loan Algo”). This is not the arena in which long term business relationships are made. Instead, they are more of a “hackers mentality” to search engine positioning, and thus not anywhere that we want to go.


We have had many requests in the past for Black Hat Techniques, and have refused them all. These things rarely last, and are not the way to build a long term marketing plan. They just aren’t.

Google And It’s Deindexing

So, to combat Black Hat Techniques, what Google does is basically say, “Hey! Mr. Black Hat! You can’t play anymore…” What happens is that the site just does not appear Google, no matter what. This means if your website is deindexed, and your company is called the San Diego Hullabaloo Bubble Gum Strawberry Company, you will not be able to find your website even by typing in (your slightly ridiculous) business name. Done and done. There are a few people that have come back from deindexing, but those instances are uncommon. This is Google’s “Nuclear Solution”, and while it is typically used for only the blackest of the Black Hats, recently that has changed.

The Private Blog Network Algorithm – A Danger To Your Website

To define Private Blog Networks, it’s actually quite easy. They are basically groups of websites that are designed to prop up other websites. Write an article there, post a link to the site you’re trying to bump up in the results, and boom – things start to happen for you. For a long period of time, there was a company called “Build My Rank”, which essentially ran a “semi-private” network, at least until they started taking on thousands of users and Google noticed them.

You can understand that it really only took one or two Google employees to join the service and then out as many blogs as they could. In hindsight, it was almost like shooting fish in a barrel. Which is of course why, in time, people started calling these “Public Blog Networks”. Because essentially anyone could join, and once they were outed, your website would fall off a cliff.

The Genius Of Private

Now, it didn’t take long for SEO companies to figure out that they could do a similar thing. Except, these sites would only be available for their clients. Hence, they were “private”. This technique is still actually quite effective, frankly. Which is why Google again designed an algorithm to dump websites from its index. Fair? Sometimes. But sometimes not.

Google’s Baby And Bathwater

What we’re starting to discover is that Google is automatically deindexing websites all over the web… Many that are legitimate websites with real content. So basically, if your site has, let’s say, five pages on it, and doesn’t get updated very often, you, too are at risk! Now, this has tended to occur with blogs mostly, and as of recently, our analysis has shown that only a few business sites have been affected by this rather brutal algorithmic weapon.

But is Google done with this? No. We believe they are just getting started. This is why fresh content can pay incredible dividends over the long term. Each and every day, your website is now officially at risk for being deindexed, and a lot of the reason (lack of traffic, lack of targeted content) is why you may be looking for an SEO company in the first place!

Now, there are a lot of interesting “free speech” arguments that Google is probably trampling on here. But, the main concern you should have is ensuring you don’t deal with a Black Hat company. If you do, you may feel the pinch quickly. And if your website is established, you could see years of work wash down the drain.

So play safe on the web. Doing so means a lot more to your business than ever.

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