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Do You Have Time To Be The Marketer Of The Century?

Funny thing about some of the Internet Marketing gurus these days: all of them say that in order to succeed online, you have to literally spend everyday of the week writing, tweeting, Facebook-ing and marketing your business. Now, you’ll pardon us for being skeptics here, but does that actually leave any time for what really counts – making sales? We have dealt with a lot of clients since we began, and I can tell you that there is one thing that all of them have in common, no matter where they live or what industry they work in – they are all working. Non-stop sometimes. These are busy people. So the idea that any successful businessperson has time to be social networking and writing newsletters for most of the day is pretty far-fetched.

The Reality Of Business And Why People Choose Search Engine Optimization

Anyone that knows business knows that one of the keys to success is good time management. Running a business takes a lot of time, and it’s always the small things (of which sometimes it feels like there are a million of) that eat your time. Managing search engine marketing, on the other hand, is almost like a full time job. Many of our clients come to us after spending countless hours attempting to optimize their website using the wide variety of “resources” that are out there on the web. Of course, many of them use free resources, but many have also paid for information products that promise a “secret sauce” that typically leads them nowhere. Not only do these efforts take up a massive amount of their time – they also, in a lot of cases, are actually dangerous! It’s a simple fact that many of the SEO techniques that worked only a few years ago simply do not work now. What’s worse is that often they actually damage the reputation of the website, leaving you in a much worse spot than when you started!

And, while the free SEO information on the web gets older, less effective and sometimes downright unusable, the paid-for information is often even worse. Self-proclaimed “Web Marketing Gurus” continue to sell information products that do nothing but waste time and lead you to want to buy the next product, because “maybe you didn’t focus well enough.” It’s a sad fact that these people make up about 95{800f9143d2ca94a302a900f5a3645638eea94a6cb1f92b989cc982a98139062a} of the “do it yourself SEO crowd”. Consider them at your peril.

It Pays To Have An Expert

Simple fact is this: if you want to avoid wasting time when it comes to marketing your site, find yourself an SEO consultant. Not one that charges a massive fee upfront (avoid these like the plague – they have a funny way of “disappearing” after the check has been cashed), but one that gets paid based on performance. A company that finds success by creating success for its clients. An SEO provider that will tell you the truth, and not try to sell you a million fake Facebook likes because “it will make you a mint”. Not someone that says, “hey, let us send out some tweets and you’ll get rich fast!”

The SEO Industry has been buyer beware since 1999, and that isn’t changing soon. Take it slowly, and you’ll find a provider that gives you the straight dope.

After all, your time is valuable. Why waste it?



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